Food Recipes That Are Hard Not To Like

My wife, Carla is the better cook in our family, but I like to think I am no slouch in this area.

Carla has a gift for finding things that are both very healthy and quite delicious, and that is hard to do.  On the other hand, I have a knack for making food that is delicious enough, but  you may want to have a heart defribillator on standby before you eat it.

I think I like to cook because I grew up in Louisiana, where men, especially southern Louisiana men, are expected to do a good quality job of preparing meals.  I only found out later in my life that men from other states didn’t do as much cooking as we did, when a cajun friend half-jokingly told me he was in college before he found out men weren’t supposed to cook!

How ’bout dat?  Kinda’ sad, huh?